The internet can be a dangerous place for online gamblers, especially with tons of fake casinos out there. If you’re going to play on the web, use your best judgment and common sense when looking at different sites that offer games of chance. Check things like if their domain names are SSL-secured or whether they have any licenses before deciding which site is worth gambling in.


Here are some other tips to help you identify whether a site is legitimate.

Look for a legal seal of approval from a 3rd Party agency


Before you sign up on an online gambling platform, ensure that it is approved by a third-party agency such as eCOGRA. If a site is approved by eCOGRA, it is free of any fraudulent activity, and both the site’s operator and customer are secure. eCOGRA uses a strict set of criteria to determine which websites qualify for its seal-of-approval, which include:

  • The player protection system on offer by the gambling website
  • Licensing issued by an appropriate government regulator
  • A responsible gaming policy enforced as part of their terms or conditions, including self-exclusion facilities

Read reviews and testimonials from other players


You can always tell a lot about a site by reading reviews and testimonials.


Some people have a lot of experience in the online gambling industry, and their opinions can be extremely valuable. If they say that one site is better than the other, it could be worth playing there.


However, if you’re a beginner or don’t have this level of discernment, you should take the reviews with a pinch of salt. Also, make sure to do some more research before committing anything substantial.


Your best bet would be to look for reputable companies, for example W88 Login, that offer unbiased information about different platforms, ensuring that you don’t get ripped off by bad operators.

Check out the site’s terms and conditions


The terms and conditions contain a lot of information about the site’s services, and you should review them carefully before making any commitments. Often, the information here will let you know whether a company is legit.


The terms often have sections like gaming rules, player limits, deposits, or withdraws. These categories help you quickly identify the various features that the company offers.


Many sites also link to their privacy policy, which outlines how your data they collect your data and how they use it. This section can help you make an informed decision about whether it feels safe for you to use this particular website.


You may want to compare different websites based on these factors so that you choose one that matches your needs as closely as possible. The more research you do beforehand, the less likely there will be unwanted surprises down the line!