Reasons Why Gambling is Rapidly Growing in India

For the past few years, the gambling industry in India is growing rapidly due to various reasons that we will discuss in this article. Reports have it that 80% of Indians are into gambling, and they gamble at least once per year. Although there is a huge number of gamblers in India, gambling is illegal in most states because out of 26 states, it’s only legalized in three states. These states can make their gambling laws, and most of them believe gambling increases crimes, money laundering, and corruption. Despite all the regulations, gambling is still popular and rapidly growing because it mostly happens online. The following are some of the reasons why gambling is popular and rapidly growing in India.


Huge fan base

In India, there is a significant number of gamblers who earn their daily bread through gambling. The culture is powerful such that more than 80% of the people are aware and usually participate. Remember, the choices you make in life are mostly influenced by the kind of friends you have. If you are brought up in a background where people gamble a lot, you are most likely to join them at one point in your life.


Easy to access

As we have said, the most common gambling is online because it’s difficult to regulate. With an internet connection, phone or desktop, and a trustworthy site like for example satta king, you are good to go. Most of the sites can be accessed 24/7, irrespective of your state.


Little amount of money required

Gambling is becoming popular and growing rapidly because many people can afford to stake the little amount required for promised huge wins. With less than a dollar, you can stake a bet in some sites, which in return promises huge returns.


Bonuses and rewards

When you sign up as a new customer, most sites will give you a significant bonus. Some of them will give up to a 100% bonus of your first stake, which encourages more people to join the gambling industry. Once you join, the rewards and promotions for loyal customers are many, making it difficult to stop gambling.


Variety of games

In the gambling industry, there is a variety of games to choose from and be entertained. The game developers keep updating the games on a weekly or monthly basis to make them better. With variety, almost everyone’s taste and preference is considered, encouraging more people to join the industry.