The sports betting industry is a multi-trillion-dollar global industry that is showing no signs of slowing down. From all indications, the industry is only going to grow bigger as many people no longer consider 먹튀검증 sports betting to be a taboo in many climes.

But which sports are the most popular ones that attract the largest number of bettors? Let’s review some of them.



Cricket is the fifth most wagered sport in the World for bettors. To give you an idea of just how big Cricket betting is, consider the 2019 Cricket World Cup match between Bangladesh and India, two Cricket mad nations. On a particular betting platform in the UK, bettors wagered more than £17 million on the march alone. The same betting site attracted as much as £71 million as bets for the final of the 2019 Indian Premier League.



Based on data, tennis is the most popular individual sport in the world, with Grand Slam tournaments drawing a lot of viewers across the globe. With so many tournaments hosted from January till the end of December, it is only common that bettors who consider tennis a sport of choice will exploit the opportunities of such events. There are more than 1500 tournaments and more than 93,000 matches played annually; Wimbledon happens to be the most prestigious of the lot.

In the 2012 final of Wimbledon, which Andy Murray featured in, Betfair saw their largest betting activity ever, with more than £58 million placed on the final match alone.




Basketball is the third most popular sports bettors like to bet on, with the US market driving this trend. The American Gaming Association claims that more than $10 billion is wagered on the March Madness elimination tournament when 68 teams are pitched against each other in a battle of 7 rounds. Although bettors from outside the US place bets on NBA games, the US market remains the largest.


American Football

American Football is the most popular sport for bettors in the US and the second on the list of sports that attract the most wagers. Analysts predict that American Football matches attract more than half of the bets placed on sport betting websites in the US. The 2018 Super Bowl event breaks ground with more than $158.6 million as the official figure. However, bets on illegal gambling sites bring the figure to around $5 billion. The 2020 Super Bowl event drew more than 5 million bettors on online and mobile platforms.



Football is by far the most popular sport for bettors. Not only is football the most popular sport in the world, but footballers are also the most popular athletes on social media. In addition, the amount of bets football attracts dwarfs that of other sports on this list.

So large is the market that most of the betting websites active today on the internet are illegal sites. For example, the Fifa World Cup, which happens once every four years, attracts hundreds of millions of dollars as bets on legal platforms bit this figure runs into billions when you factor in bets placed on illegal sites.