The 2022 World Cup started a few weeks ago. Since then, multiple teams have been going against each other in different matches. Some of these pairings have been quite impressive, as some teams had won when people had very low expectations of them.

While it can be hard to predict the results of the matches, we have analyzed the overall panorama of the 2022 World Cup and have come up with the most likely upsets that may happen during this competition. These predictions can help you place your bets more accurately on websites like vwin88.

What will be the most likely upsets in the 2022 World Cup?

Here’s what the overall predictions look like based on different listings all over the web and different media:


This upset has already happened. Recently, Argentina lost against Saudi Arabia, making it one of the most surprising results in the overall tournament. Given Argentina’s excellent performance throughout soccer history, it was a surprise that the team lost. There have been tons of upsets throughout the history of the world cup, but this one has been one of the most impressive.


France is the overall favorite of the 2022 World Cup. However, let’s not forget that the European team lost against Senegal during the 2002 edition of the world cup. Although the team has had an excellent performance throughout the season, it may be possible to lose at some point against a very unexpected team. We’ll have to see how France performs during future matches.


Last but not least on the list, we have Belgium. Belgium is one of the strongest teams when it comes to football. However, that doesn’t mean that the team has an impeccable performance, as there have been slips now and then. Therefore, while what we’re saying is pure speculation, it may not be very surprising for the general public if Belgium loses one of the matches at some point.


Last but not least, we have the Netherlands. This team has had a relatively good performance since the tournament started, but given its recent performance, it may become the protagonist of one of the biggest upsets in history. Of course, we still have to see how the team performs in the later stages of the competition, but this is what many people in public think.


It can be hard to predict upsets since strong teams always have the winds in their favor. Still, what “good” teams do you believe will lose in the later stages of the competition?