While gambling on the online slots is fun, winning on them is even more fun. Follow these tips, and you should find your chances of winning suddenly become much higher.

Do your research before you start — Research online casinos and the games they offer. Make sure any online casino you are going to register with has all the online slots you like. If it does not, you will quickly get bored and move onto another. Also check each site’s reputation with other online gamblers before you sign up and make your own cash deposit.


Use the free play slots first — Many first-time online gamblers avoid the free play slots as they want to get right down to winning real money. If you do use the free play slots, however, you will not only be able to practice but you will also learn how each machine works. Every free slot machine is exactly the same as the paid ones. The only difference is the site gives you free tokens to play with.


Look for good customer bonuses — Whether these are sign up bonuses, loyalty bonuses or other incentives, make sure you only register with a site that offers the best ones. These kinds of bonuses are free money that you can then spend to boost the amount of time you can afford to play, and to give yourself even more of a chance of winning on the slots.


Bet on all the pay lines — People who are new to the online world of slot machines tend to start off cautiously. That means they only gamble on one pay line every time they play and, when other pay lines come up as the winners, they then lose out.


Betting on all the pay lines every time you play will give you so many more chances of winning on the slot online. So much so, even if that means you can only play for 10 minutes every night instead of two hours, still bet on every pay line. Your chances of winning will grow with every new game.


Check the reputation of the online casinos you may register with — Be sure you check the reputation of any casino you may want to play online slots on, as there is no point playing on a site that falsifies their payouts or has rigged machines.


Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out more about a casino’s reputation, and be sure to find out if their machines are certified.


Keep your winning separately — If you win, never put your winnings back into your general gambling pool. Instead, keep your winnings separate and only gamble with the money you have already allocated as gambling money.


This will allow you to always walk away with some winnings and, if you do win big, not funneling your money back into gambling will actually allow you to keep your winnings far longer than most people manage to do.